A Spring Break to Remember

This is a spring break story. I’m not a fan.

Still, no political or economic issue entered my mind since a week ago Sunday, when I got back from a Washington, D.C., meeting. Mark Henry, new executive director of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, had joined us Walmart Foundation America Works Initiative grantees for a lively roundtable about issues challenging state workforce training systems in America.

Got back to an empty house. Wife and daughter were gone to the beach…some people never outgrow spring break. My spring break started with an attack on the incessant mildew defacing my “no maintenance ever” composite-wood deck.

Then came Monday morning.

Awakened by an early call; “Annie’s here,” said my wife.

Ninety minutes later I was on the road. Picked up wife at an I-10 interchange and zoomed south. Fourteen hours later we pulled into Miami. I had sworn that as an older, wiser adult, I would never make that drive in one day.

Got there in time to relieve Blake and Emily Wohlgemuth. This Madison couple operate the Chick-fil-A in Miami Lakes. What awesome friends they are!

Annie, you see, was due to be born on April 2nd. So, maternal grandma and family headed to south for spring break. So did paternal grandma, as I said, but she was “on call.”

You see, Annie not only arrived three weeks early, but by express delivery.

You need some background.

First granddaughter got lodged against mom’s pelvic bone, so at the last minute had to be delivered by cesarean section. Mom was determined to have Annie naturally. It took a while to find a doctor willing to allow her to try a VBAC. But, one was found and arrangements made with a nearby hospital to try the high risk delivery.

Early Monday morning, daughter-in-law began having contractions. But they never became consistent enough to trigger a dash to the hospital. Annie, however, didn’t know the protocol.

Mom delivered Annie on her bathroom floor assisted by my son and a wonderfully helpful 911 operator.

First granddaughter slept through the whole thing in the next room. Son called Emily to come stay with her. Ambulance took mom and Annie to hospital. No, not the hospital scheduled for delivery, but to another hospital allegedly closer and, therefore, required by rule for emergency situations.

When Emily arrived, son headed to the hospital where, thankfully, he found wife and Annie doing well.

So many things could have gone wrong, but none did. Six days later, mom and Annie are home and doing well.

God is great!

Grandpa took two days to drive back. Left wife in Miami. Got back, wouldn’t you know, in time to attack the deck again.

Hope you had an interesting spring break too.

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