Freedoms’ Tools Serving Predators

Most human excrement we dump and pump through subsurface sewage systems for treatment out of sight. Few of us ever look down dark, damp, fetid, root-infested sewer manholes and fully sense that which sticks, clings, and avoids treatment. A more odious form of human excrement sticks and clings to the underside of freedom, where it tenaciously avoids treatment. Few of us look there, either.

The human excrement I refer to is that which abuses our freedoms to prey on other humans.

Now, such excrement is not a new problem. The new problem is a dual dilemma of proliferation and inadequacy.

Social media has proliferated into the ultimate tool of freedom. Web-based and mobile technologies via the Internet and cell phones connect people instantly, beyond borders, to news, data, and each other. Tweets, instant messages, and e-mail facilitated the freedom uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East. China, fearing freedom, has blocked public access to WikiLeaks, YouTube, Facebook, and numerous blogs and web sources.

Now the penultimate tool of freedom, the Internet provides instant access to information, databases, and more. It handles everything from financial transactions to live business conferences to data storage to entertainment. It even has its own encyclopedia called Wikipedia.

These wonderful freedom tools also serve predators…sexual predators, child pornographers, rip off artists, and more.

A south Jackson woman was murdered last week by a predator she met through an online dating service. Mississippi coaches, teachers, and pastors are among those caught with child pornography obtained over the Internet. E-mail scams offer false employment opportunities to steal personal identity information, sell false Medicare policies, award fake lottery winnings, and more.

“We are arresting at least two child pornographers a week and sending them to jail for at least five years in the penitentiary,” said Attorney General Jim Hood. In regard to predators using online dating services, he says “I’m afraid we are going to hear even more horror stories.”

Hood can clean up the excrement, but can do little to stop the dumping. The U.S. has inadequate means to thwart Nigerian, Russian, Chinese, and other foreign websites from transmitting pornography, scamming e-mails, and malware since we choose not to shutdown all international web communications. Government and business, many with predatory practices, have become too dependent on it.

We have inadequate means to keep predators away from computers and cell phones and we’re unwilling to keep secret individuals’ e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Too many businesses, particularly those with predatory practices, depend upon such access.

Once we dumped human excrement into streams and rivers. We wised up and built sewage treatment systems. You think it’s time to wise up about cyber predators and provide “treatment” for their business partners?

Hey, Joe, where’ the napalm?

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